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Botanica Fabula

I am a professional storyteller and writer, my background in herbal medicine has lead me to have a particular interest in stories and legends from around the world which  contain the real use and
Glasgow, Scotland

Tom Goodale - Storyteller

I am a storyteller. I have a large repertoire of stories, including ancient Greek myths, Celtic legends, Medieval romances and Grimms fairy tales. My stories run the gamut from fables to epics. As
Wirral, UK

Clear and concise research based writing for web, TV, multimedia

I write books and scripts for broadcast TV and the web. I also film and produce a wide range of educational programs.
Melbourne Australia


I am a proffesional storyteller living in Denmark. My speciality is personal storytelling, to be used in art, education and social developement.I perform the art of storytelling, end educate
Odense, Denmark

Transformational Psychologist

Where others focus on symptom relief and short-term solutions, I specialize in facilitating comprehensive, enduring transformation.  I utilize a wide variety of techniques and tools to promote
12520 High Bluff Drive, San Diego, CA 92130 USA


Painter and photographer Rick Lieder has been creating fine art and illustration for many years.  His art has appeared on award-winning novels ranging from mysteries and scien
Detroit, USA

M C Raj Author

Short Bio of M C Raj, India
Tumkur, Karnataka, India

Christopher C. Hill.

I am an architect and educator with international experience of writing, teaching and designing architecture. As well as
UK London