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Jeeva & Channa Horombuwa Architects

  Channa Horombuwa & Jeeva Hor
Colombo, Sri Lanka

MUDstudios Urban Design

MUDstudios specializes in thinking, designing and shaping our living environment, in brief MUDdifying the urban landscape. We thrive on dialogue with all segments of society : the community, decisi
Hong Kong, London

Dennis P. McGrath AIA Principal architect

We provide project design and construction consulting services in NY and TX. We also have done over 1,000 real estate due diligence for commercial projects the USA and in Mexico including PMLs.
Grand Prairie, Texas, USA

Architect and Master planner

I am a RIBA chartered architect with 20 years of UK experience in design and implementation. I was the Project Architect for 3 university buildings designed by BDP in Libya, main library in Gilan,
London, UK

Christopher C. Hill.

I am an architect and educator with international experience of writing, teaching and designing architecture. As well as
UK London


I am now an educational psychotherapist who supervises the work of counsellors working in schools.  I also work as a psychotherapist for students in a university, and provide consultative advi
Harlow, United Kingdom