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Kindergarten and Elementary videoconference experiencing

Trenton, NJ, United States

Echange Espagne-France sur le thème de Picasso

Bonjour, Je m'appelle Carole, enseignante d'espagnol LV2 dans un collège de Paris. J'aimerais créer un échange numérique suivi d'un voyage sur le thème de Picasso. Ce projet porterait sur deu
Paris, France

Intercambio Francia-España sobre el tema de la construcción europea.

Soy profesora de español en un instituto de la ciudad de Strasbourg (Alsace). Tenemos alumnos de Seconde (4to de la ESO) y de Bachillerato (1ro y 2do), que tienen entre 15 y 18 años. Tenemos dos par
Strasbourg, France

Debate via skype USA/Africa on global equality in education

High School students looked at global equality in education by studying the rights girls have to an adequate education. We are looking for schools in Africa interested in order to organize debate via
Los Angeles, CA, United States

Video-Conference Debate on the Israel-Palestine conflict

I am a World History teacher and I would like to set up a videoconferencing debate between K-12 students from different countries in order to share and to confront different points of view on this ver
San Diego, CA, United States

Schools in China looking for classrooms (children aged 5-7) around the world to videoconference with

We are group of schools in Hong Kong and China who are looking for classrooms (children aged 3-4) around the world to videoconference with. Each videoconference will take place around 1 hour and will
Hong Kong