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Homeless boy forced to do his homework on a pavement using light from fast food restaurant

Daniel Cabrera, 9, a homeless boy in the Philippines who uses light from fast food restaurant to do his school homeworkDaniel Cabrera was spotted by Joyce Torrefranca, a
Manila, NCR, Philippines

An Orthodox priest blesses the protesters on a barricade (Kiev, Ukraine). Photographer : Jérôme Sessini

Final Fight for Maidan, by Jerome Sessini.He won the second prize in the spot news stories category of the 2014 World Press Photo.

La mujer que cargó con una montaña

Una mujer boliviana que, con su carretilla, parece estar cargando desde La Paz la cima del Illimani (más de 6400 metros sobre el nivel del mar).Wilfredo Limachi (La Paz, 1987) llevaba un mes busc

Golfers playing while African migrants try to climb the fence into the Spanish North African enclave of Melilla

ENGLISHTime, Noah Rayman, Oct. 23, 2014: "Surreal Scene of Migrants Atop Spanish Border FenceAmong the top issues this year for European countries along the Mediterra