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Environmental Science (BSc Hons)

Environmental Science is an integrated study of the challenges facing environments, both natural and man-made. Our degree enables you to combine the disciplines of Geography, Geology, Chemistry and Ph
Lancaster University, United Kingdom

Renewable Energy

Global development of energy conservation and renewable energy systems are at an all-time high. As current political, economic and environmental trends continue to converge with advancing technologies
301 Frank Beinder Way Castlegar, British Columbia

Renewable Energy degree (Bachelor of Science)

 The Renewable Energy degree integrates the study of engineering, technology, science and business to prepare graduates to design, implement, and manage renewable energy systems and similar techn
124 Main St, Randolph, VT,

Equine Studies program (Bachelor of Science)

Our Equine Studies program is designed for students who are you passionate about working with and learning about horses and who want the flexibility to pursue a variety of careers in the larger equine
124 Main St, Randolph, VT

Integrated Environment Planning (IEP): an interdisciplinary 2-year program on planning, protecting land, resources and the environment

If you have an interest in planning, protecting land, resources and the environment, our interdisciplinary leading-edge Integrated Environmental Planning program is a great fit. You’ll acquire emplo
301 Frank Beinder Way Castlegar, British Columbia

Associate Degree in Applied Science (Marine Environment)

This course provides an innovative, multi-disciplinary and applied science approach to learning about the marine environment in Australia. Students gain broad introductory exposure to the areas of nat
Newnham Dr, Newnham TAS 7248, Australia

Arborist Apprenticeship 24-week program

This Arborist Apprenticeship program consists of a twelve-week basic session and a twelve-week advanced session, both starting in January. The program focuses on the planting, maintenance and removal
205 Humber College Blvd., Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Forest Technology

Become Proficient In    Ecology    Engineering    Habitat    Harvesting    Hydrology  &
301 Frank Beinder Way Castlegar, British Columbia, Canada

Bachelor en Architecture du paysage

L’architecte-paysagiste aménage et planifie le paysage et l’espace libre. Il-Elle contribue ainsi de manière essentielle à la qualité des milieux de vie et de l’environnement bâti. L’arch
Rue de la Prairie 4, Genève

Graduate Diploma in Landscape Studies

Landscape architecture is a design and planning discipline.It aims to create places that provide stimulating, satisfying and uplifting experiences, meet socio-economic and functional needs, an
Lincoln University Ellesmere Junction Road/Springs Road Lincoln New Zealand

Diploma in Horticulture

The Diploma in Horticulture is a designed to introduce students to a broad range of topics associated with horticultural technology, production and management. Students also have the opportunity to de
Lincoln University Ellesmere Junction Road/Springs Road, Lincoln, New Zealand

Technicien de l’aménagement et de la valorisation des espaces

Cette filière technologique, accessible sur sélection après une classe de seconde, a pour objectif de former en trois ans un technicien de l’aménagement et de la valorisation des espaces.
Route de Tronchine - THONES

Gestion et Protection de la Nature

Cette formation supérieure courte, accessible sur sélection après une classe de terminale, a pour objectif de former en deux ans un technicien supérieur de la gestion et de la valorisation des esp
Route de Tronchine - Thônes

Bac Pro Aménagements paysagers (Nature Jardin Paysage Forêt)

Objectifs :Formation professionnelle de niveau IV qui prépare aux métiers des aménagements paysagers (ouvrier ou employé qualifié) en tant que salarié du secteurpublic (services e
Route de Mont-de-Marsan, Orthez

MSc degree in Water and Environment

Water resources are under increasing pressure from overuse and pollution, intensified by population growth and climate change. Finding ways to secure sufficient supplies of water, of a quality suitabl