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Discover inspiring videos, interviews and documents around education, training and knowledge.

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Creativity in Education


An unprecedented human adventure in the five continents, to discover and film surprising initiatives and personal paths that share the spirit of passion, commitment and improvement.

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Sponsor filming minutes of a unique learning adventure along the Sign'Hom exploration!

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Why Sign'Hom?


At the heart of Sign'Hom is the conviction that diversity in points of view in education, training and knowledge, and transversality in cultural, professional, geographical and generational terms, offer valuable opportunities to broaden thought and possibilities of action.

You may be involved in interesting educational initiatives worth to be known by a larger community. You may like to know what others are doing in education, training and knowledge. You may need support to put your projects into action.

In the Sign'Hom platform your initiatives become shared experiences.

Joining the Sign'Hom community you take part in a global network of knowledge and learning, reaching new opportunities for inspiration, reflection and action.

Sign'Hom is a subscription platform in order to ensure high quality standards and independence.

In our aim to reach everyone interested in education, training and knowledge, we would like the subscription fee not to be a barrier for anyone to join the Sign’Hom community.
In this sense, if it is the case for you, feel free to contact us.
On the other hand, if you would like to get involved in Sign’Hom in further additional ways, find here how to do it!

Welcome to Sign'Hom!

Rémi Bader, Rosa García Miralles

Why Sign'Hom









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