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SignHom picks of the week

An award-winning organization offering unique educational expeditions to the Antarctic and the Arctic.
Their mandate is to educate the world’s youth about the importance of the Polar Regions, support their continued growth and inspire and catalyze initiatives that contribute to global sustainability.

This program makes it possible for young people to begin training towards becoming a circus artist while pursuing secondary academic schooling at the National Circus School. Studies lead to a high school diploma (Diplôme d’études secondaires or DES) accredited by the Quebec Ministry of Education, Leisure and Sport.

Ken Robinson: How schools kill creativity?
Sir Ken Robinson makes an entertaining and profoundly moving case for creating an education system that nurtures (rather than undermines) creativity. ” (TedTalks)

Newton’s Prism Experiment
What color is white light?
Want to know how to make it?

Dashka-Slater, Author and Journalist
Dashka Slater, Author and Journalist.
A popular children’s book writing
teacher at, she has also been a guest lecturer at colleges and
universities and a speaker and panelist at conferences and book festivals. Her
programs for adults are known for their humor, insight, and emotional punch and
include lectures on the Science of Storytelling,

The quote

“The mind, once streched by a new idea, never returns to its original dimensions”.

Ralf Waldo Emerson


Humor Education Plantu

Drawing courtesy of Plantu. © Plantu, 2014.

The data

UNESCO found that the world would need more than 12 million additional teachers in order to get all young children in school by 2020.

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SignHom is engaged in an unprecedented human adventure in the five continents, to discover and film surprising initiatives and personal paths that share the spirit of passion, commitment and improvement.

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